Wrestling With Angels, Playwright Tony Kushner | A Film by Academy AwardŽ-winning Director Freida Lee Mock
I can't provide a clip from Freida Lee Mock's Tony Kushner doc, Wrestling with Angels, but I've found a sampling of the exceptional joie de vivre that this gifted writer seems to exude every time he steps in front of a mike.    It's a portion of a Class Day address that Kushner delivered to grad- uating Columbia University students in June 2004:  “Think not of the content as words meant to inspire students, but all of us. Each morning of each day begins the remainder of our lives.  "This is the Columbia dialectic, the New York City dialectic, all this spectacular symmetry, all this Euclidean geometry...all this rational griddage is a lattice entwined with floribund, uncontrolled and uncontrollable vines, shoots, roots, fruits, leaves, bees, busily cross-pollinating. This box, this machine, this is a crystal incubatory whence comes the fluid, the protean, the revolutionary, the non-mechanical, the non-commodified, the non-fetishized, the human. The air this morning is electric. You have fed, you have sated, you're ready...and every step you take from this point on counts.
    This is your Code Orange: Life and its terrors, terrible and splendid, awaits. I know I speak for Jon, Warren and Justice Ruth -- seek the truth; when you find it, speak the truth; interrogate mercilessly the truth you've found; and act, act, act.

The world is hungry for you, the world has waited for you, the world has a place for you. Take it. Mazel tov. Change the world.”